Iron Man Mark II

Upon returning home during the first film, Stark developed the sleeker, polished stainless steel Mark II prototype version with improved flight capability. Furthermore, the Mark II was the first one to have a holographic HUD, repulsor technology and to operate with remote assistance from JARVIS(Stark's artificial intelligence), who manages the armor's systems at Stark's command and also have variable control surfaces for active flight control by JARVIS to automatically stabilize the suit in flight. Like the Mark I, the Mark II was able to protect the occupant from the effects of extreme g-forces. However, it was prone to icing at high altitudes, which would cause it to stall, and its weight was a destructive problem if Stark landed from any height. The Mark II was then replaced with the Mark III's Gold/Titanium Alloy to correct these problems. However, Rhodes briefly contemplated using it. The second film shows that Stark displays the Mark II prototype within his workshop, with the label "Prototype", and has it retrofitted with an independent arc power source as shown when it was operated by James Rhodes in hand-to-hand combat against Stark in the Mark IV armor; this suit is later retrofitted with conventional weaponry, thus becoming the War Machine armor.

Iron Man Mark II Veiw